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Moving forward in visitor management technology with QLINE queue software


No Software Maintenance; Automatic Updates
By having queue software that is web based, it is possible for us to ensure that your system's software is both secure and also performing properly. This saves you the hassle of updating your queue software, or having to constantly monitor its performance. Now you can spend more time where it really counts - providing superior service to your own customers.


Included with Qline queue software is ZAMOK, our proven turnkey security software. ZAMOK is a software solution that prevents tampering with URL filters, and enables browser locking, among other helpful services to keep your system running smoothly and securely.


Better understand operations through the queue software stats dashboard, which allows you to see visitor flow, wait times, drop rates, service durations, among other useful metrics to better understand your organization's productivity. This data can be exported for further analysis.


From queuing concept through any needed maintenance, our team is here to help you, and we aim to prove it. Utilizing video calling, web/phone conferences, emails, or whichever best suits your situation, we set out to not only make sure your queue software is up and running but also to ensure that you are comfortable using it.


A handy part of being web based is that you can make changes and see your stats even when you are not on location. Remote monitoring offers businesses a new level of flexibility through clear visibility into their team's productivity, and also the ability to adapt to changing processes.**


Qline is a system that can scale to fit any business size without losing any of its functionality. So as your organization changes, so can Qline. This saves you the trouble of paying for capability you won't use, or losing effectiveness when scaled down.


Utilize, customize, and automate various agent functions such as away messages for breaks and closed office hours. In addition agents can edit submitted customer information or add notes, as well as access any queue list from an unlimited number of agent portals.


Qline's queue aoftware will run on any windows PC, and doesn't require any brand specific hardware in order to function. Meaning almost any display, printer, touchscreen, keyboard, and so on will work with the Qline system.


If your organization has many visitors who speak different languages, Qline will meet your needs with its multi language support capabilities. Let us know the languages you need included in your system and they can be implemented. This works to shrink the communications gap and making the check-in process, and information gathering, much easier for all parties.

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Typical queuing methods may work, but hidden behind the traditional processes there is progress to be made.
Let Qline queue software help you modernize your organization and boost not only its efficiency,
but also create the type of high value service that your customers love.